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Since opening in 1999, cloud and security have been part of Attix5’s DNA. On 11 Sept 2015, Attix5 has been acquired by Redstor, a leading provider of data backup and cloud services.

The acquisition follows a ten year relationship whereby Attix5 have been an integral partner of Redstor providing the underlying technology that drives Redstor’s backup services. Attix5 provide backup and recovery technology and managed services to hundreds of service providers across every continent, who in turn utilise this technology to deliver services to thousands of end users across the world.

The acquisition of Attix5 was due to their robust and highly secure technology as well as their global customer footprint within the cloud backup, disaster recovery and storage services market.

Danie Marais, original founder at Attix5 stated, “We are very excited about the acquisition as this opens up great opportunities for both Attix5 and Redstor. Throughout the 10 year partnership, both parties have come to understand each other’s business' and have developed strong relationships. The owners at

Redstor also appreciate Attix5’s African roots and want to incorporate this as part of their vision moving forwards. I believe Attix5’s software development expertise and Redstor’s data management experience and strong partner and customer relationships are the perfect fit.”

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About Attix5