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V8 Peregrine

Precise, Powerful, High-Speed

Enterprise Server Edition

Recent benchmarks show that the new Attix5 ESE client backs up millions of files more than 3 times faster than its closest competitor.

What's New

We’ve just released the fastest, most agile version of Attix5 Pro to date. Named after the fastest bird on earth, Attix5 Pro Peregrine V8.0 is the fastest commercial backup client in the world – more than 3 times faster than our closest competitor.

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  • High-speed backups of
    • millions of files
    • and large databases
  • Backup as fast as your hardware allows
  • New engine and indexing system
  • VirtualRestore for immediate file access during recovery.
  • Latest 256-bit AES GCM Encryption technology
  • No impact on local disc usage
  • All-in-one
  • Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solution

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Virtual restore

Imagine having real time access to your backups as if it was stored on your local machine. VirtualRestore does exactly that. Simply mount a virtual drive of your backup on any local machine and access the data as if it is all local without using any additional storage. A secure connection is made to your backup (which could be located on the LAN or somewhere in the cloud) and only the data required to access requested files and databases is transferred. This enables immediate access to backups and SQL servers with zero waiting time.

One of the benefits of this is that large exchange databases can be mounted for testing purposes without having to actually transferring the file to a temporary local drive. We have several customers who back up multiple branch locations to a single HQ backup location. With Virtual Restore, administrators can access the aggregated data on the backup drive for testing or data mining purposes. This saves time and resources - not having to copy large amounts of data to dedicated file servers anymore.

VMBAK: VM Backup, Simplified

VMBAK is a Virtual machine backup software tool developed by Attix5 and distributed for free. It backs up any virtual machine from within a VMware vSphere client.

It is developed to reduce complexity and simplify the management of virtual machine backups, Attix5 VMBAK provides an easy to use backup and restore solution for VMware. The software provides extensive functionality, backup speed and recovery accuracy without requiring administrators to master multiple software packages and settings.

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