Protection and Data Recovery Services

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Let us take care of your data protection and recovery infrastructure - from planning to implementation and remote management.


What is Managed Backup?

Attix5 offers both Managed and Professional Services that ensure that your backups and restores run optimally and according to plan.

Managed Services

Are limited resources in your IT department a challenge? Does your business lack the capacity to monitor and maintain your local backup environment? Attix5 Managed Services is the answer.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Preparation of your IT environment for optimum backup performance.

  • Remote management of all end-users’ backups and restores.

  • Remote installation and deployment of Attix5 software.

  • Recommendation and installation of non-Attix5, supporting software and updates.

  • Automated backup success reports – daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Monitored log reports – if anything fails, we find the cause and fix it.

  • Monitored customer storage capacity – advanced notification.

Managed Services

Professional Services

Need assistance with implementing your disaster recovery plan, hardware or cloud migrations? Need existing environments assessed and improved? Choose Attix5 Professional Services.

We’ll scope your backup and recovery requirements, and outline what you’ll need to ensure optimal backup performance. We’ll then tailor a backup and disaster recovery plan that compliments your existing business continuity plan.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A streamlined disaster recovery plan.

  • Your existing IT environment will be scoped to meet latest standards.

  • Gap analysis on required hardware and software.

  • Preparation of your IT environment for optimum backup performance.

  • Optimised backup and restore speeds – set to run as fast as possible.

  • Migration to the cloud (Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Physical).

  • Custom development.

  • Help with migration from old to new system – no risk of data loss.

  • Minimum line requirement specs.

  • Reduced bandwidth and storage space used by backups and restores.

  • Technologically up-to-date hardware recommendations.

  • Sustained reliability of Attix5 solutions – no need to worry about software maintenance and updates.

  • Maintained protection of whole backup environment.

  • Implementation of recommendations and/or additions.

  • Backup and recovery re-scope: What was the original need? How did it change? What is the average growth?

Onsite Backups

Our Titanium Appliance is ideal for onsite backups while mirroring to an Attix5-approved cloud provider. A very useful benefit to service providers is the ability to proxy into the Titanium appliance via a secure network port giving reliable and flexible support options.