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This business continuity plan template is set out with the aim of helping businesses manage potential disaster and issues that effect the business from both an internal and an external perspective. Without the effective management of disaster, businesses could risk facing serious issues such as bankruptcy and loss of business. Failing to plan is planning to fail and with this template, your business can set out to help manage potential issues, and ensure business continuity.

Do you have a plan in case of a disaster? Keep your data protected with Attix5 disaster recovery solutions.

Being a victim of cybercrime is no picnic. Attix5 helps by allowing you to securely back up your data. IT security just got easier.

Incremental backup lends itself to the space and speed benefits required of a robust backup solution.

With bring your own device, foreign devices come and go which can make your business vulnerable to data loss. You decide what to protect, Attix5 takes care of the rest.

Malware like viruses, worms and spyware are circulating the information highways in their millions on a daily basis. Experts agree that anti virus software is struggling to keep up.