Disaster Recovery

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Disaster recovery relates to all the steps taken to allow the seamless continuation or urgent resumption of infrastructure critical to your business. This includes hardware, software, systems and data required to ensure business as usual with the least amount of downtime. 
Integral to any effective disaster recovery plan should be the protection and recovery of the lifeblood of your business, the data. 

Research shows that only 6% of companies which suffered from a catastrophic data loss survived. Almost half of the unlucky ones had to close down immediately and the rest had to jump ship after two years. Gartner reports that only 35% of companies have a DR plan in place. The main culprit causing data loss and disaster is not natural disaster, but mostly human error or deliberate attacks like viruses.  

Attix5 – innovators in data protection and recovery recently announced groundbreaking technology which will ensure all critical systems can be back up and running in minutes. This improves the RTO of SMBs and SMEs who previously couldn’t afford such high-end solutions which, up until now, have only been available to enterprises and large data centers. Attix5’s disaster recovery solutions are offered with various scalable cloud and on-site configurations.