Incremental Backup

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Attix5 uses the incremental backup method which lends itself to the space and speed benefits required of a robust backup solution.

With Incremental backups the initial backup contains a complete set of data. The difference lies in the fact that the subsequent backups only contain the changes from a preceding backup. For example, the first two backups are created – a full backup and a set of changes. The third backup will however, only contain the changes of the second. The fourth will only contain the changes of the third, and so on. In this case, the size of each backup is more or less the same in size. Using this method requires all the backups to compile a complete set of data to restore.
Incremental backup holds the advantage where, per backup, it consumes less disk space than conventional methods. Because of the smaller backups created each time, those data sets are also transferred to their final destination much faster. This results in an overall reduction of what is known as the “backup window”.

Another time and space saver from Attix5!