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Make sure it’s the right backup - Redstor

26 Nov 2015
Before upgrading from a standard local backup setup, it is necessary to weigh up the pros and cons between physical media based off-site backup and cloud backup solutions. Running a backup solution inevitably adds financial overheads to the balance sheet, but if done conscientiously, could mean saving the company from permanent data loss and ruin.   This is according to Danie Marais, Founder of...

Disaster recovery, the tough questions to ask and answer – Redstor

13 Nov 2015
In a market driven by data and the need to source, store and retrieve information in realtime, the ability to audit and control this data is paramount. The reason, say technology and cloud service experts, is to ensure that data can be protected and exploited, and that the business has a credible continuity plan.   Danie Marais, Founder of Redstor’s Software Division, explains that despite the...

Understand the cloud, leverage the opportunity – Attix5

11 Sep 2015
The threat to a company’s data continues to escalate globally, and, according to IT security experts, the only proven way to effectively protect this critical resource is to apply the most advanced data protection software available – and introduce tried and trusted methodologies from the most secure agencies and organisations.   Danie Marais, GM of software development at Attix5, a leading...

Attix5 enriches backup with V8 Peregrine R4’s Storage Pools

11 Sep 2015
Attix5, a global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, is proud to announce the release of V8 Peregrine R4 – the fastest, most agile version of Attix5 Pro backup software to date. This full product suite release features a large selection of added benefits and bug fixes, with the main attraction being Storage Pools.   This feature will add immediate value to...