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Attix5 offering to be unveiled to global audience

12 Aug 2015
Attix5, a leading global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, will join several global tech vendors at a brand awareness and customer engagement event in Ebene, Mauritius on 22 July.   The Harel Mallac Innovation Day 2015 will play host to technology experts from world-renowned vendors, including Attix5, Dell, Intel, Internet Solutions and Laserfiché.   Attix5...

Businesses can boom from the backup revolution

12 Aug 2015
The evolution of technology used to perform mission-critical data backups and support disaster recovery means that any sized organisation can be effectively protected, despite increasing data volumes and the demands of digitisation.   Specialists in data protection software and cloud solutions believe the emergence of the cloud and advent of cloud-based technologies offer businesses several...

What data loss can cost your business

22 Jul 2015
Data loss – the dreaded. Give me anything but data loss. We’ve just had a power failure and I forgot to click Save. Sure, I lost only 15 minutes but still, I’ll never get it back. Lucky for me this is nothing compared to the real data loss of companies worldwide: 1.7 trillion US dollars’ worth of data lost in 2014 alone. Just as one thinks the age of Cloud storage and Big Data brings with it more...

Attix5 backup solution adopted by multinational ICT solutions providers

08 Jul 2015
Various global IT services and consulting company have joined the expanding international client base of Attix5 by partnering with it to migrate thousands of its users to the Attix5 Pro V8 solution. Partnerships are designed to meet the evolving backup requirements of both IT solutions architects the end customer.   “We are looking at a scalable solution where providers can sign up with a small...