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What we can learn from MI6 about cloud security

02 Jun 2015
We conduct business in perilous times. The market place is fraught with danger, and the imminent threat to your data, the very resource essential to your organisations survival, grows with each passing day. Failure to take heed of the very real threat that faces your organisations cloud security could lead to disastrous consequences far reaching and unavoidable, unless immediate and direct action...

What will an IT strategy look like in 100 years?

13 May 2015
The year is 2115. Our counterparts from the early 22nd century would certainly not recognise the human race if they had to see us now. I did some digging in the technology archives the other day and it seems they used to document their policies. These “documents” described all aspects of how information technology (IT) should be controlled explaining to people what to do and what not to do. This...

Five awesome cloud technology trends to look out for this year

12 May 2015
While the adoption of cloud-based technologies has rapidly influenced the IT services market in the last few years, the “cloud” buzzword has often caused confusion among users and industry experts alike as the ambiguity of what exactly constitutes a truly cloud-based service. However, there can be no denying that our appetite for the consumption of online services is ever increasing and shows no...

How the virtual machine world is changing the data security environment

21 Apr 2015
So virtual machines (VMs) are mostly commonplace and rather nifty things that have helped us create virtually any computing environment required. These versatile little emulators are set to continue hosting operating systems (OS) and pretending to be various architectures that are required in complex enterprise environments. Yet using a virtual machine is not always a walk in the park.