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Cloud solutions to take notice of in 2015

13 Apr 2015
The days are fast approaching when all computing will be done in the cloud. Cloud solutions are forming the backbone of thousands of businesses that in turn form the backbone of our societies and governments. Since there’s still much evolving to be done in the cloud, what do we have to look forward to in 2015?  XaaS – Everything as a Service Speaking of computing, some cloud providers are...

Five Reasons Why a Remote Backup Solution Should be at the top of your security Shopping List

08 Apr 2015
Backing up is one of the most critical operations performed by any organization, and while many businesses realize the importance of protecting the data that is vital to the operation of any business, the type and method of data backup that will provide the best results is often debated as each solution provides a variety of benefits for any organisation. While traditionally, onsite data backup...

Why disaster recovery plans can be an effective insurance policy

30 Mar 2015
Forewarning is pointless without forearming – at least as far as recovering from an unexpected outage goes. The traditional approach, and the easiest, is to only have the necessary insurance coverage in place. When little thought is given to disaster recovery, this certainly provides some peace of mind but sadly, it cannot bring a crashed server back from the dead. Insurance is good Monetary...

How much damage can your business expect through data loss? (Infographic)

25 Mar 2015
A mammoth amount of money gets wasted in a year in the US alone because of data loss – 48 billion dollars to be exact. The top three sectors affected are also the scariest: healthcare, education, and worst of all, government! How much data was lost? And if you think it can’t happen to you, think again. Big names like NASA and Sony made headlines in 2011. NASA saw its data security compromised...