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How innovative data encryption techniques can keep your data safe

09 Mar 2015
Protecting vital company data is perhaps the most critical component of any business continuity plan worth its salt, and while many organisations have begun to realise the importance of backing up company data, they often fail when it comes to not only securing the backed up data adequately in storage, but ensuring that the data uses stringent encryption methods to ensure that the data is...

Data security: the hottest topic at Cloud Expo Europe 2015

03 Mar 2015
There are over 2.4 billion users of the internet in the world right now, exploring over 634 million websites, consequently 90% of the world’s data is being produced online. It is predicted that by 2016 at least 45% of the world’s population will be on the internet as well as the average user predicted to generate 32 GB of traffic per month. With this all in mind one of the key topics on this year...

How the top CTOs are tackling company fraud

25 Feb 2015
The top CTOs and CIOs are implementing what Gartner calls “layered fraud prevention techniques” to curb immediate threats to a company’s information security. Historically a single layer of user authentication was used to keep fraudsters at bay. However, with automated targeted attacks by means of malware, this is no longer sufficient. Five layers of vulnerability have been identified and...

Why Data Protection Software is Essential for a Good Night’s Sleep

23 Feb 2015
Could your business survive critical data loss? This question is often overlooked or ignored until it’s too late. Many organisations do not have adequate measures in place to protect critical company data, and often some that do rely on out of date technologies and manual methods that in some cases put the actual data they are trying to protect at risk. Due to the growing amount of digital data...