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Why More and More Corporations are Using Cloud Backup

20 Feb 2015
Cloud computing is everywhere. It has changed the way we communicate and use data both in our personal and professional lives, making our real time interactions with data available immediately, enhancing the way we communicate and broadening the scope of our everyday transactions with digital data. Our reliance on cloud based applications have grown and continue to grow rapidly, and have begun...

How to lock up internet crime and throw away the key

16 Feb 2015
Internet crime is becoming an ever more serious problem. As we carry out more of our day-to-day activities online, the risk of internet crime grows substantially. This threat was echoed in the recent hacks into the US military Twitter account and to Sony Pictures. Internet crime is becoming an increasingly destructive type of crime that is leaving us questioning the safety of our online...

Three Secrets to Setting a Bulletproof IT Risk Management Strategy

11 Feb 2015
The vastness of the essential business operations that are carried out digitally and the ever increasing reliance on IT infrastructure and services have added distinct pressures to the Information Technology function of businesses today. While historically, the onus has always been placed on the IT department to not only deliver and maintain quality services and applications that serve business...

What do power outages mean for the security of your data?

10 Feb 2015
Do you ever stop to think about the thousands of volts of electricity running through your data centre? What would your data be worth without any power to access it? Would your business survive if the data was lost permanently? Due to political tensions and economic uncertainty in some areas being a reality, loss of services like reliable electricity supply can be a real show stopper. Even...